Ask Questions & REALLY Listen

Have you ever had the experience where a salesperson just went on and on and on…

and the more they talked, the less interested you felt? On the other hand, have you also had the experience where you sat down with a salesperson and all they did was to ask you simple questions…

you did all the talking… and before you knew it, you’ve already signed on the dotted line? You see, there’s a saying that the more you listen, the better you sell.

This is true no matter if you’re dealing with your family members, your children or your clients. What they really want to know is if you care about them​. Period. Plus, asking questions and really listening gives us the information we need to persuade them even more:

  1. Frustrations and Desire​– Why are they really looking for in your product/service/idea? What do they really want?
  2. Goals ​– What are the goals they hope to achieve?
  3. Values​– What emotions do they value more? How can you motivate them?

For example in my “I am Gifted” kids program, I know that one of the biggest frustrations most parents face is that their children are simply unmotivated. And no matter what they do, their children just cannot get good grades in school.

So when I pitch my program to parents, do I mention their frustrations?

You bet! And whenever I mention the fact that “not all children are naturally motivated to study”, you can almost see every parent nodding in agreement!

So the question is, how do I know “children with low motivation” is one of their biggest frustrations in the first place?

Well, you guessed it! Obviously, I interviewed numerous parents and asked them questions. Now, of course I’m not suggesting you to ask them the questions like, “What’s your frustration as a parent” because that’s going to be really weird. And that’s why I’d recommend you to use “softeners” and rephrasing, so the questions sound less interrogative.

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