Persuasion : How to Build Rapport – Part 1

Do you find yourself behaving differently, using different gestures and adopting different lingos when you are with your friends… as opposed to when you are with your family members?

Well, we all do that.

In fact, if you pay close attention to people hanging around in a group and enjoying themselves, you’ll notice that they tend to use certain words over others, speak with the same tonality… and they stand/sit in a certain manner.

If someone starts folding their arms together, very soon the rest of the people follows suit.

So why is that happening? Well, it’s simple.

People who are in rapport often unconsciously behave, think and talk very similarly.

And the only reason why persuasive speakers are able to build rapport with their audiences all the time is because they have mastered the technique to behave, think and talk like their audiences.

Conversely, the only reason why some people find it rather challenging to bond with anyone else is because they have yet to master the technique to do the same.

So if you’re currently facing certain difficulties to bond with your clients, family members or friends, the good news is:

This will soon become a thing of the past after this chapter.

Oh and by the way…

Did you know that you can always tell if a couple is a newly-wed or couples who have been married for years?

Yes, it’s rather easy. You see if they are in rapport OR out of rapport.

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