Presenting The “Close”

How many times do people promise they will “think about it and let you know”, but they simply don’t?

The key in presenting the “close” is to get them to take immediate​action. How? By creating urgency.

Have you ever bought something because there were only x copies of it left… or because the special offer was coming to an end within the next few days?

When I first got started selling my Patterns of Excellence seminar, I had no idea how powerful this concept of creating urgency was. As a result, I delivered the presentation of my lifetime and yet, only 1 person out of 80 people signed up.

So what I did was to follow up with the other 79 people to find out why they didn’t sign up. And guess what I discovered? A majority of them didn’t sign up because they didn’t feel the sense of urgency to!

So in the next seminar preview of another 80 people, I told the participants that there were only 30 seats available – which were absolutely true – and over 10 people signed up! And the fact is, creating urgency is what almost all successful businesses do.

Do you remember those “Ab-Flex” infomercials that you’d see on the television late at night? Those that said, “…and if you call within the next 30 minutes, you’ll also get…”

So why do you think they said that? Well, again, it was because they wanted to create a sense of urgency and get people to buy their products right away!

Here are some ways to create urgency: (1) Limit by quantity – e.g. Only 10 copies left (2) Limit by time – e.g.

Only valid till 14 September Remember, selling is the transference of emotions. If you want someone else to feel the urgency, you have to experience it first.

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